My pregnancy traveling part 1: tips for the long flights

June 20, 2018

Do you plan on getting pregnant or are you pregnant and couldn’t imagine your life without travelling? 

If yes – this post is meant for you!

Oh, it was hard for me not to travel during my third trimester – but it doesn’t mean you can’t!

I have some pieces of advice based on my own experience regarding this particular matter – you just need to decide where you want to go first and travel peacefully!


Caught the light not the bubbles


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Dream came true: David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption 2017 in Los Angeles

January 22, 2018

What is the most precious gift for the one who loves “Twin Peaks” and everything regarding this show?

Of course, it is to see the director himself, enjoy and listen him talking. I was so lucky to witness David Lynch at the Festival of Disruption, that was held in marvellous Ace Hotel and Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles and lasted 2 days.

David Lynch and “The Candie Girls”

But is my love for the series “Twin Peaks” the main reason I went to this venue?

Festival of Disruption brings together mind alike people – first of all those, who love “Twin Peaks” since there was a lot of talks, exhibits and music in programme that is dedicated to the show. Secondly, it also gather those who practise Transcendental Meditation (TM) and those who want to know more about it. The venue is sponsored by the David Lynch Foundation, which main focus is to raise awareness of TM and bring tranquility to the world.

So what exactly does Transcendental Meditation mean? 

My strangest feelings experienced on the Festival?

Read more and you will know!

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Look inside the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills

November 1, 2017

What makes Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills so unique?

Chic interior?

Fantastic service?

Delicious food?

Most definitely!

But the most important – the view – you just can’t beat the views from the back of the hotel facing Hollywood Hills!

Read more about this hotel which is the example of the perfect marriage of French style and American culture.

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VALULI Fashion Talks with Eriya Miura: Fears and nightmares transformed into the couture?

September 11, 2017

Everyone tends to look more confident, thinking that the biggest disadvantage is to make an impression of a fearful person.

Of course it is more common for the artists to take their fears into the art and create masterpieces – Steven King, for example – the directed who transformed his deepest fears into the movies.

I would like you to meet Eriya Miura who is Cambodian-Japanese fashion designer and textile artist – not only a talented artist, but also a storyteller via fashion design. Her latest collection is called “Disquietude” – telling about the nightmares she’d experienced through the beautiful and breathtaking demi-couture collection.

The strongest emotions inspire us the most .. don’t they?

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VALULI Fashion Talks: Jacob Birge Vision

July 13, 2017

At first, Master of Chemistry, than a multi-artist? Yes, that is him – meet fashion designer Jacob Birge, in real name Jakub Bartnik.

Feeling very honoured to have an opportunity to have a chat with Jacob Birge, fashion designer of Jacob Birge Vision, learn more about his story and background.

He is not only creating couture, but also uses multidiscipline media such as sound design, visual installations and fashion films. His work has been published in magazines Vogue China, Elle, Glamour Germany, Glamour Poland, Harper ‘s Bazaar, Trendland, Wonderland, Idol, Fabolous and others.

I strongly believe that an artist is more inspired by the negative emotions he had experienced. For example, his latest collection is very personal and based on his last relationship. What happened there? …

You will be surprised by many of his accomplishments.

Read more and you’ll know!

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VALULI Fashion Talks: The Art of Deconstructed Prom Dresses by Sara Teator

June 6, 2017

Summer is here and yet another wonderful fashion designer interview is for your fabulous must-read!

Meet Sara Teator – emerging womenswear designer from Brooklyn, NY. I was fascinated with the forms of the designs she had created in her debut collection. It celebrates the opulence of femininity through deconstructing prom dresses. Sara obviously is not afraid to use fabrics in different ways!

Is it possible for Sara to make a piece of clothing in one day? Read more and you’ll know!

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Prison turned into hotel: fabulous stay in Katajanokka

April 25, 2017

Why visit prison museums when you can experience the luxurious stay in one? For those of you with a sense of humour, this prison turned hotel is the best opportunity to spend your holidays exploring Helsinki!

Для тех, кто обладает чувством юмора и не боится новых мест для ночевки – отель Katajanokka, бывшее здание тюрьмы, что в Хельсинки, отличный выбор для отдыха и изучения города!

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VALULI Fashion Talks: Sonja Litichevskaya

April 18, 2017

During last 3 months I discovered a lot about self-manifestations through fashion. It appears it isn’t just about the clothes and trends, there is always more to it.

The artist can be inspired by the childhood memories, by the events that took place back then in a certain period of time.

I would like to show you the works and thoughts of Sonja Litichevskaya, a young fashion designer from Berlin, who’s graduation collection is inspired by Russian classical avant-garde and Perestroika art, combining abstract paintings and posters of constructivism.

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