My pregnancy traveling part 1: tips for the long flights

June 20, 2018

Do you plan on getting pregnant or are you pregnant and couldn’t imagine your life without travelling? 

If yes – this post is meant for you!

Oh, it was hard for me not to travel during my third trimester – but it doesn’t mean you can’t!

I have some pieces of advice based on my own experience regarding this particular matter – you just need to decide where you want to go first and travel peacefully!


Caught the light not the bubbles


Maybe you have already noticed my fondness of Transcendental Meditation – read here more about it. This technique definitely helped me a lot during my flights, and especially when I found out about my pregnancy – to stay calm and confident.

It was a surprise for me, even though I wanted this to happen – it meant that there will be another relative in my life, my friend and not my property. And really, I feel that way now as well.

So about traveling – the best time for traveling is considered 14 – 27 weeks – first long flight trip was during my 4th month (16-17 weeks of pregnancy) when we went to California. The flight was supposed to be very exhausting – Riga – Helsinki – New York – San Francisco – all in one day!

I was hoping and dreaming that we would stop in NYC for the night when something interesting happened – the flight was delayed for 4 hours, which meant that we couldn’t make it to San Francisco that day.

We were so happy, and 4-5 hours of sleep in a hotel near the JFK airport definitely helped. Next morning it was time to fly to San Francisco – 6 and a half hours. Since it was my 4th month of pregnancy I felt extremely tired. So tip number one:

Be sure to have no more than one stop between the flights, so you don’t end up being exhausted.

Tip number two:

If your flight is longer than 4 hours, you should get yourself compression socks, that will help keep your blood circulation flowing.

Tip number three:

Stay hydrated! You know it is important to drink water throughout the pregnancy alone, but in the plane you should drink more because.

Tip number four:

Go for a walk every 45 minutes – also good for you and the baby.


Can you spot my 4th month baby bump? It is me after crossing the Golden Gate bridge by simply walking


LA memories


Visiting Stanford University

Hope this will help you! To be continued .. I will write about traveling to Japan while being pregnant.

Stay tuned!




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