Dream came true: David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption 2017 in Los Angeles

January 22, 2018

What is the most precious gift for the one who loves “Twin Peaks” and everything regarding this show?

Of course, it is to see the director himself, enjoy and listen him talking. I was so lucky to witness David Lynch at the Festival of Disruption, that was held in marvellous Ace Hotel and Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles and lasted 2 days.

David Lynch and “The Candie Girls”

But is my love for the series “Twin Peaks” the main reason I went to this venue?

Festival of Disruption brings together mind alike people – first of all those, who love “Twin Peaks” since there was a lot of talks, exhibits and music in programme that is dedicated to the show. Secondly, it also gather those who practise Transcendental Meditation (TM) and those who want to know more about it. The venue is sponsored by the David Lynch Foundation, which main focus is to raise awareness of TM and bring tranquility to the world.

So what exactly does Transcendental Meditation mean? 

My strangest feelings experienced on the Festival?

Read more and you will know!

“Empty yourself and let the universe fill you” – I don’t know the author, but this phrase closely describes the effect of TM.

What is it exactly? It is the mediation technique that allows you to relax by repeating specific mantra in your head and avoid distracting thoughts. I started meditating last year in May , and I can assure you it has helped me a lot, especially by staying calm, be more creative in work and finally – feel totally free from panic attacks.

Lynch’s foundation promotes the use of TM in dealing with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for veterans and anxiety for troubled teens.

So the director was high-minded in talking about his belief in spiritual evolution:

It’s every human being’s birthright to one day enjoy supreme enlightenment … One day, each of you will become a seeker, and you’ll look for a technique that allows you to transcend. You’ll get on the path. You’ll start unfolding rapidly your full potential. And one day, bingo, you’ll be in supreme enlightenment, total fulfillment, total liberation, immortal, zero chance for suffering, zero negativity.” 

One of the strangest feelings I have experienced was by visiting Red Room – the most iconic set from “Twin Peaks”. Every detail was authentic as it was in the show and you could touch it and take a photo there – as we did!

Captured in Red Room aka Black Lodge

I wanted to be present when David Lynch was answering questions, still I’ve managed to film a little.

Of course, I wanted to take a photo with David Lynch, but considering that everyone had such a wish, he was constantly surrounded by security. Still, I thought that there must be a slightest chance, that it could be possible. So I stood on the first floor of the theatre and waited for the miracle.

While I stood there I’ve noticed a familiar face having a conversation with a very excited young man. In a moment I understood why he was so excited – he was talking to Sheryl Lee, actress, who played Laura Palmer. I don’t really remember how that happened but suddenly it was me standing right next to her and taking selfies. I also showed her my photo from the Red Room, where I was standing like Laura Palmer – she definitely liked it.

Me and Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer)

What can I say? These 2 days of the festival were just fantastic, the dream that came true and I am definitely looking forward for the next Festival of Disruption – which will be in New York.



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