VALULI Fashion Talks: Jacob Birge Vision

July 13, 2017

At first, Master of Chemistry, than a multi-artist? Yes, that is him – meet fashion designer Jacob Birge, in real name Jakub Bartnik.

Feeling very honoured to have an opportunity to have a chat with Jacob Birge, fashion designer of Jacob Birge Vision, learn more about his story and background.

He is not only creating couture, but also uses multidiscipline media such as sound design, visual installations and fashion films. His work has been published in magazines Vogue China, Elle, Glamour Germany, Glamour Poland, Harper ‘s Bazaar, Trendland, Wonderland, Idol, Fabolous and others.

I strongly believe that an artist is more inspired by the negative emotions he had experienced. For example, his latest collection is very personal and based on his last relationship. What happened there? …

You will be surprised by many of his accomplishments.

Read more and you’ll know!

What was your first childhood memory regarding fashion?

My mom bought me a green fluo sweatshirt – I was quite visible among the teens.

Was there a person who encouraged you to pursue the carrier in fashion industry?

I have encouraged myself – my parents were quite against my career in fashion – and pushed me to graduate also with a “normal” degree – so  I am also a Master at … chemistry, but I have proven that fashion is my destiny.

Where did you study fashion? What was the most difficult during this time?

I have studied fashion at TEKO Design in Denmark, and after 2 years I have transferred to Edinburgh collage of Art to graduate with BA( HONS) degree. 

The study was quite intense, especially in Edinburgh – where the tutors were pushing us to the limits – but in the end it was worth it. 

How fast you can make one piece of clothing?

Polish edition of “Project RUNWAY” (US TV series with Heidi Klum, in Polish edition the judge was Anja Rubik) – which I have won proved that I can make a whole look within 8 hours. 

Who is your favourite fashion designer/brand? 

Nicolas Ghesquière (genius), Louis Vuitton, Celine, Proenza Schouler.

What makes your brand different to others?

We try to reflect what happened today in the world – and how women behave, and are about – and tell a personal story about it, twisting it with music I personally compose for the show. In the end of this month we plan to release the album with 5 tracks from our last 5 shows.

Is there is a secret on how to make connections in fashion industry?

Be nice, genuine, polite, modest, and have a point of view. 

Your latest collection is made inspired by … ?

The SS2018 collection is the most personal collection I have created. It is inspired by my last relationship.
Name * Gold digger * is referring to a woman seeking a comfortable and luxurious life. The collection reflects the popular phenomenon among young women, centered on themselves, the world of selfie culture, focused on appearance and beauty not necessary on important values.
Prints in the collection are authentic quotes: “GIVE ME 100K”, “50K RING”, “PAY MY RENT”, which clearly define the character of the title gold digger. The colors used are strongly associated with the theme of the collection itself and the original inspiration – gold, black, violet. There is also a break in color prints or roses.
Silhouettes are a combination of female vertigo, but also muscularity and strength. The collection is a streamlined, airy form with a clear structure.

How do you see your brand in a year’s time?

I would like to keep up growing and focus more on sales but still try to add some intersting ideas to the industry. 

What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?

Stay strong, tell the story, and have a realistic approach towards growing business. 

Visit Jacob Birge Vision site for more:


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