VALULI Fashion Talks: Sonja Litichevskaya

April 18, 2017

During last 3 months I discovered a lot about self-manifestations through fashion. It appears it isn’t just about the clothes and trends, there is always more to it.

The artist can be inspired by the childhood memories, by the events that took place back then in a certain period of time.

I would like to show you the works and thoughts of Sonja Litichevskaya, a young fashion designer from Berlin, who’s graduation collection is inspired by Russian classical avant-garde and Perestroika art, combining abstract paintings and posters of constructivism.

On what sparked her interest in fashion

It happened to me in my childhood … it came to me through my elegant grandma and art historian mother. I was growing up in art atmosphere, I was fascinated by aesthetic and unusually dressed people.

On what made her take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it

From my early years I knew that I would love to do something creative, but I didn’t want to study arts, I wanted to do something where you can combine art with handicraft – fashion design was perfect for it.

Self taught or did you study fashion design?

I studied fashion design at Esmod Berlin.

On which fashion designer inspires her

My absolutely favorite designer is Henrik Vibskov. I find it totally amazing that he combines simply everything –  that he creates interior & set design, that he is an artist and music maker, playing with famous band Trentemoeller. His shows have the most awesome, unbelievable decorations. I like his forms and colors. His world is extremely inspiring.

On what types of clothing she avoids wearing

I would rather say – which ornaments I would never wear – army ornaments or reptiles motifs… I am mostly wearing trousers instead of skirts.

On what is she fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into her work

I am influenced by many different things. Mostly it is art as you can see in my prints.

On what book or article recommendation to read for the people who just started their way in fashion industry

I have recently bought the book „no no positions“, it is about a design theory and it guides you perfectly how to communicate with clients, team, colleagues and not simply try your fortune.

And article: &

On her goals to achieve before the end of the year

I would like to achieve some stability by the end of the year. If it is my own label or new permanent job.

On her motto

Never lose your goal and work hard to achieve it.

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